Buying and Selling in Bulk

Have you grown tired of your chairs, desks, couches, and conference room furniture? Are you making a change or relocating your office? Why not sell your old furniture to make room for new and exciting pieces? If your business is moving, downsizing, or replacing existing furniture, we may be interested in buying it from you so another business can make use of it. If you have preowned furniture that you are interested in selling, give us a call.

Interested in buying preowned furniture in bulk?

Customers in or near Charlotte, NC, who are looking to buy quality used furniture will find that they have a wide variety of options at OW Surplus. Furniture purchased in bulk can be purchased at big savings. It only makes sense for us to pass the savings on to our customers.

We search far and wide for the best deals available, which in turn makes us able to provide you with top-quality preowned furniture at reduced prices.

What Are the Benefits of Selling My Used Bulk Furniture?

There are numerous benefits to selling your old office furniture. For one thing, you are doing the environment a huge favor by not adding to landfill overflow. Instead of hauling an office’s worth of chairs, tables, files, and other furniture to the junkyard, sell it to us. We will find a new home for the furniture that served you well over the years. Plus, you gain a little extra cash, which can help with moving expenses and purchasing new furniture.  Upgrading your office furniture is a great way to boost your appeal and draw in new clients and employees while putting a modern spin on what makes you so successful.

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